Monday, October 3, 2011

Sandra Boynton Love

Sandra Boynton is an expert at packing a party into a small room, so to speak. Her books are the perfect read for babies and restless toddlers: bouncy, catchy rhymes, cute pictures, quick read. They have been favorites with all my girls, and Susanna, although she is now officially a pre-schooler (she just turned four), still loves them and she insists on having them read to her. And as much as her sisters grumble about her love of them, they still come running when they hear me reading them, and they'll willingly (mostly) read them to her. The problem is, the books are so catchy and fun to read, that my older two read aloud with me, which results in a stereo effect and drives Susanna batty. I have to threaten expulsion of the older two every single time we read them.

Here are Susanna's three favorite, most requested Sandra Boynton books:
Kids learn more complicated opposites in a fun way.
A rollicking animal hoedown.
Featuring animal sounds


  1. Wonderful way to say it- a party in a small room! Her books ARE truly great!

  2. I love Sandra's books. I particularly like Consider Love but I can't find that one anywhere. :(

  3. "Stomp your feet! Clap your hands!"

    I'll know this book by heart when I am 90 because I have read it to N. so many zillion times. One of his all-time faves.

  4. Thanks, Kathy! We love our Boynton parties.

    Jenny, I don't think I've read that one. I'll have to see if my library has it.

    FH, me, too! Lines from the books get tossed about randomly quite a bit. While we were making dinner yesterday, Karina, peeling an onion, muttered "Prance with the horses, skitter with the mice. Swing with your partner once or twice." And Susanna took it up. "Stand with the donkey. Slide with the sheep. Scramble with the little chicks - CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!" she yells, as she hops around. Addicting I'm telling you.

  5. I read (er, sung) Snuggle Puppy to the DLM today. I LOVE Sandra Boynton!

    I think my favorite is The Going to Bed Book, not just because it's so catchy (as you said, addictive), but also because I long for bedtime on most days. ;-)

  6. I'm with you about bedtime, Amy.
    I remember The Going to Bed Book was the favorite of my sister's kids.