A little background: I grew up in 5 different countries in Africa (Chad, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, and Lesotho), from shortly after birth until I left at 18 to go to university, and am so grateful to my parents that I had that opportunity. (My dad was a range ecologist subcontracted under the United States Agency for International Development.)
After graduating from university, I joined the U.S. Coast Guard, and served honorably for four years.
At the end of those four years I married a fellow Coastie who served no boat time (scandalous!) He was the crew chief on HH-60 helos. Now he flies a desk as an engineer for a building automations company.
We have three daughters: Olivia (12 years old); Karina (10 years old); Susanna (7 years old).

  • All the books reviewed here are either owned by us or are borrowed from our local library, unless specified otherwise at the end of a review. The synopses are my own (or my daughters', for the books they review) unless specified otherwise. The opinions contained in the reviews are also my own. They reflect our (my daughters' and my) candid reactions to the books we read.

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