Friday, September 9, 2011

Books I was reading this time last year

A Curse Dark As Gold
Elizabeth C. Bunce
I really enjoyed this book. A unique twist on the Rumplestiltskin fairy tale, it is the story of a young woman who inherits her father's mill, and tries to save it and all the employees from ruin. It takes place during the age of industrial revolution. It has a delicious foreboding tone that keeps you wondering when the shoe is going to drop, so to speak. (There were a few slow spots where I wondered where the story was going, but it all worked itself out.) Definitely worth a read. 
Leah Cypess
A very intriguing story that I couldn't put down, about a shapeshifter who has been the personal guardian/bodyguard to a certain line of kings for centuries, who then loses her memory due to a traumatic event. The story is about how she negotiates her world not knowing who she is. It has magic, mystery, action, political intrigue, a little romance and a very strong heroine.
Colleen Murtagh Paratore

Gracepearl lives on an island that, during the summer months, is used to train princes in the Charming Arts. But Gracepearl doesn't really like her life on the island. She longs to leave but that would mean having to marry one of the princes, and leaving her father and her best friend and she doesn't know if she's ready for all of that. (Although the main characters are teenagers, this book would probably appeal more to the pre-teen set.)


  1. What a wonderful idea for a post! I like the blurbs you've written.

    I really liked Mistwood, too. The main character and mystery were so intriguing. I loved Elizabeth C. Bunce's Starcrossed and I've been meaning to read her retelling but I haven't gotten to it yet. I didn't love A Pearl Among Princes, but it was a nice story.

  2. Small Review, thanks for visiting and commenting!
    Starcrossed was really good, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
    I didn't personally love A Pearl Among Princes either, but I can see pre-teens loving it, so...

  3. Oh goody! New books to read! I'm almost through with a series and was concerned it would take me a while to find something interesting.

  4. Glad to help. What series are you finishing?