Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini Reviews of Some of My Girls' Favorite Picture Books

Owl Babies
Written by Martin Waddell; Illustrated by Patrick Benson

Three little baby owls are left home alone while their mother goes to hunt for food. When she is gone longer than they expect, they worry about whether she will come home. It is a warm, sweet story, beautifully illustrated, that addresses the fear every child has about whether Mama is coming back. Our family adores this book. Even my husband, crusty curmudgeon that he is, loves this book, and gets a little weepy at its powerfully simple text. The illustrations are perfect for the story. They set the tone of the book, and create an anxious feel while at the same time making you want to scoop the owls up and cuddle them.

The Best Nest
Author/Illustrator: P.D. Eastman

This beloved story chronicles the mis-adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Bird in their search for the"perfect" house. I remember loving this book when I was little. My mom gave us a copy of the book when my oldest was 6 months old, and it has been a favorite in our household ever since. In fact, it is so well loved that we are on our second copy. As the mama reader, I'm sick to death of it, but only because I've read it umpteen million times. It never gets old for my kids though.

Author/Illustrator: Barbara McClintock

The illustrations for this version are so much fun to look at, very detailed. Karina pours over these pictures frequently, looking for all the detail. Last night she said in delight, "Look, there's the fairy godmother!" pointing to her almost hidden self in the last page of the book. All of Barbara McClintock books are a treat; check them out if you haven't already. (Another of hers frequently checked out of the library by my girls is Dahlia.)